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Our Mission & Vision - Vidya Sagar College for Girls, Dhuri


                Vidya Sagar College for Girls (VSC) is a gateway offering access and opportunity for students and backgrounds to pursue learning and enrichment; the VSC enables and empowers all students to fulfill their aspirations to the maximum of their capabilities. Working quietly behind the scenes is the Strategic Planning and Policy Management which includes representatives of staff, students and parents. Strategic Planning at VSC is all about improvement processes and all members of the VSC community are invited to help put the Strategic Plan into action. Through the Strategic Plan five inter-related priority areas have been identified as the means of achieving the Vision of the VSC.

-              Community Serving one another

-              Learning & Teaching  learning together

-              Leadership & Governance  answering the call to lead

-              Finance & Capital Development  resourcing our future

-              Marketing & Promotion  celebrating our gifts



               To unearth the hidden talent in the younger generation, making them stronger in fundamentals and more competitive. Our focus is to bring students to the enquiry mode so as to develop qualities of questioning, reflecting and understanding instead of accepting, reading and memorizing. Thus paving the way for a prosperous nation, for the future lies in the hands of the  younger generations.